Garbage Compactor an optional bin lifter automates the dumping of waste bins into the hopper.

Rear auto control button·

The Garbage Dump Trucks feature great mobility in servicing residential areas, and the high tensile container guarantees long-term durability

Trusted durability

The Press Pack Trucks are capable of handling oversized waste materials as well as regular waste.
An optional bin lifter automates the dumping of waste bins into the hopper.

  • ABS
  • CD/DVD Player
  • Direct Fuel Injection
  • Floor Mats
  • Fog lamp
  • Luggage Compartments
  • Manual Transmission
  • Reversing sound notification
  • Roof lamp
Rear Loading Automatic Refuse Compactor with Bin Lifter – (Capacity 14 Cu.m.)
Our Organization is manufacturing Truck mounted Rear Loading Garbage Compactors with Bin Lifters as per the technology provided to us by M/s STUMMER EUROWAREN - AUSTRIA, who are the leading manufacturers of truck mounted garbage compactors, special designed compatible garbage bins and automatic garbage sorting plants in Europe. M/s STUMMER is in this field for more than 30 years.

We are manufacturing the garbage collection bins upto 1100 Ltrs. Capacity in India as per the technology provided to us by M/S STUMMER EUROWAREN - AUSTRIA. These are closed type hygienic bins meeting international standards. These bins are specially designed Bin Cover. Also, the bin is designed to be lightweight with castor wheels to facilitate easy handling by the bin handlers. About 80~100 Bins of 1100 Liters Capacity can be handled by one Garbage Compactor per day.

Rear Loading Automatic Refuse Compactor with Bin Lifter – (Capacity 14 Cu.m.)
The offered Rear Loading Refuse Compactor with Garbage Bin Lifter is provided with Automatic Compaction Cycle. The offered Refuse Compactor has Electric and Electronic controls for operating the compaction cycle in an automatic mode without any manual hand lever operation.

Some of the salient features of the offered Garbage Compactors and Bins offered by us are listed below:

·         Low loading height – TPS Rear Loading Compactors have very low loading height, hence following advantages:-

·         From safety point of view, low loading height is important as the container is not lifted very high above ground level, hence the chances of accident due to failure are minimized.

·         Due to low loading height, manual loading of Garbage, plastic bags and sacks can be done very easily.

·         TPS Compactors have higher compaction ratio. Therefore ensures that garbage with low density (fallen leaves, tree cuttings, packing material etc.) can also be compacted to the optimum carrying density, thus increasing the carrying efficiency and capacity of the vehicle.

·         TPS Compactors are designed to handle compatible closed bins with lifter arrangement, which is specially designed to automatically open the lid (cover) at the required angle which ensures that there is no spillage of garbage outside the compactor.

·         Dual Hydraulic Pump is provided to ensure that the compaction operation is possible even when the vehicle is traveling, leading to better compaction efficiency and reduced Cycle time for Collection of Garbage.

·         Lifter System are provided four hydraulic cylinders as compared to two cylinder generally provided by other manufacturers. The two additional cylinders are meant to adjust the level of lifter arms and is useful as one machine can handle different sizes of bin's.

Automatic continuous cycle by Push Button Electro-hydraulic Control as compared to manual hand level operation results in saving in manpower for machine operation and better compaction efficiency.

Hose burst valve shall be fitted to the system to prevent the tailgate descending in the event of the hydraulic failure. Emergency stop switch shall be provided to stop all the operation instantaneously in case of emergency. The switch shall be provided on either side of the vehicle. This is a statutory safety requirement for Operators / Public. There shall be a body prop provided on the tailgate to hold the tailgate in the open position for safety of workshop personnel when entering the body for maintenance or repair.
The entire unit shall be painted with two coats of superior quality anti-corrosive primer with two coats of approved quality paint to ensure long lasting, resistance to rust, weathering and breakage.
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